NewTech & Data Protection

Aware of the relevance of new technologies and the digital environment in all processes that affect companies and individuals in their day to day, Figueras Legal has a department specialized in NewTech & Data Protection, in order to guarantee all our customers their security in the online environment, as well as the best defense of their interests in this field.

Recent regulations related to the control of working day and the protection of personal data, the updating of the provisions regarding cookies installed on a website or the growing number of cyberattacks that companies and individuals face in the online environment, among other issues, make it necessary to have the expert advice of a team of professionals with a high qualification and experience in the field.

For this reason, the members of the NewTech & Data Protection area of Figueras Legal are committed to constant training through the updating and renewal of their knowledge in this field, which essential to respond with guarantees to the multiple cases that our customers have entrusted us for years.

Our firm has a high specialization in those issues related to cybersecurity, privacy and data protection of users, as well as all the practices that are part of e-commerce, a growing and constantly changing sector.

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