Banking and Finance Law

Figueras Legal is a law firm that specializes in all kinds of practices related to Banking and Finance Law.

Thanks to our participation in numerous and complex causes over more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we guarantee the best legal assistance in all matters that our clients entrusts us with, always providing personalized attention.

Our firm, which has an expert, committed and highly qualified team, is able to offer comprehensive legal advice to a diverse type of clients: banks, investors, creditors, managers and individuals.

To do this, we adapt to our client’s needs, providing them with the most innovative and effective solutions that best respond to the problems raised, while guaranteeing an optimal legal shield thanks to the technical and legal quality that characterizes us.

At Figueras Legal we are specialized in the preparation and following-up of judicial proceedings of any kind, particularly debt recoveries. We also have extensive experience in claims regarding complex financial products, such as clips, swaps and structured products. In addition, our experts work in the supervision and coordination of operations subject to LMA regulations.

Our focus

    • Drafting and negotiating financial contracts
    • Advice on debt restructuring or refinancing transactions
    • Defense in civil proceedings arising from unfair terms (such as ‘mortgage ground clauses’, early maturity, interest on arrears) and malpractice; as well as in proceedings related to clips, swaps, financial swaps and preferential shares
    • Multi-currency mortgage, reserve mortgage and nullity of mortgage
    • Factoring, leasing, renting, confirming and credit cards
    • Mortgage expenses claim
    • Carrying out foreclosures and pecuniary claims
    • Defense of customer’s credit in insolvency proceedings
    • Nonrecourse debt


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